Finding Yourself in Grief

Possibly for the first time, the word grief has become personal. No longer is death something that happens to other people in other places. The multitude of experiences resulting from this overwhelming loss-emotional, physical, social, spiritual and cognitive-comprise what we call "grief."

Experienced by people of each generation, in all cultures, and from every walk of life, grief is a universal experience. Most simply, grief is the process of learning to adjust life after a significant loss. That term, "adjust life" might seem odd, but remember grief is all about learning to live in new ways. We don't really "recover" from grief or "get over it." Instead, we learn to manage life in a radically changed world. Follow these steps towards healthy grieving:

  • Express Emotion
  • Write Things Down
  • Look After Your Physical Well-being
  • Avoid Withdrawal and Busy-ness
  • Connect with Others
  • Explore Faith
  • Participate in Memorial Ceremonies
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