Pre-Arrangement Questions

Do I have to pay in advance for my pre-arrangements?
Not with us. Your word is as good as it always was.

Should I cash in my insurance policies in order to pay for my preneed funeral arrangements?
Absolutely not! There is no reason to cash in a life insurance policy in order to prepay funeral expenses. Call us for details at (800) 944-9365.

Is it possible to have my funeral be the way I want it?
Pre-arranging your funeral with us means that in addition to relieving others of what might be difficult decisions, you can make choices about your own preferences. Call us at (800) 944-9365 for more information.

I don't want a traditional funeral. Is this possible?
Certainly. Funerals provide the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of a life that has been lived and memories of the person who lived it. There is no single "proper" funeral service. Call us for up-to-date information and options at (800) 944-9365.

Would I save money purchasing a casket, vault, or other funeral merchandise from a salesman?
As with everything you buy, it is wise to shop around. Our prices have been found to usually be below so called "bargain prices".

We do a lot of traveling. What should we do if death occurs away from home?
No matter where you are, what time it is, or whether you've made pre-arrangements with us or not, all you have to do is call us toll free at (800) 944-9365. We have years of experience dealing with deaths that occur anywhere in the world. So take flight, enjoy and don't worry!

I received a telemarketing call to pre-arrange my funeral. What should I do?
As with any telemarketing call, use caution. Insist that you deal with a licensed funeral director. It is the law!

Consumer Protection Tips

If you are solicited to pre-arrange (especially by telephone), listen carefully for certain "cues" that may be warning signs. Watch out if a caller offers you free gifts or discounts for a "limited time only" or says they are just "updating" their records and asks you to answer some questions. Dealing with people you know and trust and asking the right questions are the best ways to protect yourself and your money from fraudulent plans. In addition to asking for proper identification from the salesperson and his or her company, ask the salesperson the following:

  • Exactly what do they want to sell you and what is included?
  • Do they have a funeral director's license? (without one they cannot sell funeral services)
  • How much would the proposed plan cost, including any interest and administrative fees?
  • Would your funds be protected and transferable?
  • Would 100% of your money be invested in the plan?
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