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Funeral Etiquette

Many people wonder what is acceptable or what is expected of them when attending a visitation or funeral services. Certainly the accepted customs of dress and behavior in a funeral have changed over time, but courtesy and respect never goes out of style.

Making the Most of a Difficult Time

It certainly is helpful knowing what religious, ethnic or personal considerations you need to take into account. In all cases being respectful of the emotions of close family members will help provide comfort.

Here are a few things expected of you:

Pre-Arrangement Questions

Do I have to pay in advance for my pre-arrangements?
Not with us. Your word is as good as it always was.

Should I cash in my insurance policies in order to pay for my preneed funeral arrangements?
Absolutely not! There is no reason to cash in a life insurance policy in order to prepay funeral expenses. Call us for details at (800) 944-9365.

Legal Questions

Is embalming required?
In Pennsylvania, embalming is not required by law except in certain cases.

Must I buy an "outside container," such as a crypt or vault?
Pennsylvania law does not require an "outside container". However, most cemeteries require that one is used. We provide "outside containers" at many price levels.

Additional Grief Support Resources

The loss of a family member, friend or loved one can be a major impact on anyone’s life. It is often hard to speak to others about the pain, which may lead to isolation. If you have lost someone and are feeling isolated or alone, look here for some sources of additional information for grieving and healing:


At The Stevens Mortuary, Inc. we offer many options for those who prefer cremation as a means of final disposition. The only difference between a funeral service followed by burial and one followed by cremation is that the remains are taken to the crematory after the service instead of to the cemetery for burial. This means that families have the option to have visitations and funeral services where the remains are present and still choose cremation as a means of disposition.

Available Services

A funeral or memorial service is an important part of the healing process. The choices that are made in honoring a loved one will make the service a personal and meaningful experience.

About Us

The Stevens Mortuary was the first structure in Pennsylvania to be built exclusively for funeral service and continues to serve the needs of today.


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Plan Ahead

Pre-arranging a funeral establishes your wishes ahead of time. It is a thoughtful decision that relieves the unnecessary indecision and uncertainty at the time of death. In addition, some people have definite preferences and want to be sure that their family, clergy and funeral director know their wishes. And yet others want to have all of their financial affairs in order.

There are three levels of pre-arranging.

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