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Helping Youngsters Manage Their Grief


Grief is no respecter of ages; children and teens grieve the deaths of loved persons deeply. But because youngsters don't grieve exactly like adults, finding appropriate ways to support younger grievers is often difficult.

Gone Way Too Soon... Coping With a Child's Death


"Parents are not supposed to bury their children," David cried out. "This is not how it's supposed to be." You likely identify with this dad, expressing the shock, disbelief and grief of a child's death. Whether in an unexpected car crash, through suicide or after a lengthy illness, the death of a child turns the world upside down. Regardless of whether the "child" is a toddler, a teenager or a middle-aged parent herself, a child's death upsets the "natural order" of life.

Saying Goodbye to Your Life Mate


Whether the relationship was measured in months or in decades, the death of your life mate is a loss for which you are never completely prepared. Well-meaning friends and family members sometimes encourage you to "move on" and even remind you that your mate "wouldn't want you to be sad." But that's just not how grief works.

Additional Grief Support Resources


The loss of a family member, friend or loved one can be a major impact on anyone’s life. It is often hard to speak to others about the pain, which may lead to isolation. If you have lost someone and are feeling isolated or alone, look here for some sources of additional information for grieving and healing:

Celebrate Life


The staff of The Stevens Mortuary encourage you to call, visit, or send personal cards to the family. However, we realize that this is not always possible.

Therefore, we have created a condolence and tribute section on each obituary page for you to send your thoughts and prayers to the family members and friends of the deceased. Sharing memories to celebrate life can be helpful during the grieving process.


At Stevens Funeral Home, Inc. we offer many options for those who prefer cremation as a means of final disposition. The only difference between a funeral service followed by burial and one followed by cremation is that the remains are taken to the crematory after the service instead of to the cemetery for burial. This means that families have the option to have visitations and funeral services where the remains are present and still choose cremation as a means of disposition.

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Our arrangement room is individualized and aid our superior staff to assure personal service with the utmost professional advice, care and arranging of every detail.


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Plan Ahead


Pre-arranging a funeral establishes your wishes ahead of time. It is a thoughtful decision that relieves the unnecessary indecision and uncertainty at the time of death. In addition, some people have definite preferences and want to be sure that their family, clergy and funeral director know their wishes. And yet others want to have all of their financial affairs in order.

There are three levels of pre-arranging.

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